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About the author

Nathan Cheng is an entrepreneur, longevity biotechnology advocate, and investor based in Toronto, Canada.

In 2012, he was in the middle of completing a Ph.D in physics (Quantum Optics) at the University of Toronto but dropped out due to an existential meltdown. After several years of wandering as a digital nomad backpacker he discovered the works of Aubrey de Grey and the longevity movement, which would eventually become his sole mission in life.

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Investing in the Longevity Biotechnology Revolution. By Nathan Cheng + Longevity List.


I write about investing in longevity biotechnology. My mission: End Aging. - Co-executive Director of The Longevity Biotech Fellowship. - General Partner @ Healthspan Capital - Founder @ LongevityList.com - Founder at Vitalism.io