Thread: What longevity biotech and other biotech stocks are you looking at right now? (July 29, 2020)

What longevity / biotech stocks are you holding or looking at investing in right now? What are your investing ideas and strategies?

Myself: I’m still holding Unity Biotechnology (UBX). Looking at Mesoblast (MESO) and AgeX (AGE). Also really interested in Twist Biosciences (TWST) — they do silicon-based synthetic DNA.

Cathie Wood’s ARKG managed Genomics ETF looks like a decent growth biotech fund. It includes some overlap with companies mentioned in Jim Mellon’s book Juvenescence: Investing in the age of longevity. I will probably do a research write up of all the stocks in the ARKG fund and post it to Longevity Marketcap and the newsletter. Stay tuned.