Hey, I was the person who actually messaged you on twitter recently :

- What is your best guess estimate for timeframes on longevity escape velocity? Do you think most people in their twenties will make the cut? What approach do you think will mainly get us there?

- What is your current investment portfolio? If you hypothetically had $90K net worth that you could invest (my current situtation), how would you approach it and how much % would you put into longevity/biotech vs other things like SPY & crypto? Additionally, have you been involved in private companies?

- Do you think you will get rich off of longevity investing? Do you feel the longevity situation is similar to the early situation of the crypto space, where those 'in the know' got rich as heck because they were onto something that the general public was just clueless about? How long do you think this 'window of opportunity' will last for those few people who are aware of the magnitude of the anti-aging paradigm?

- Is now the perfect time to invest into longevity, or do you think we need to wait for the damage repair approach to progress further?

- You have some cool longevity focused websites/projects. Do you have any other website/project ideas for someone with a programming background that you either don't have time or care enough to implement? I am personally looking for some projects to work on (I have a background in programming).

- Do you have any book recommendations for investors or just good books in general? (Also, you should make a goodreads account. )


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