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Longevity biotechnology — the next trillion dollar industry

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Accelerating advances in biotechnology will radically extend healthy lifespans. Eventually it will be possible to reverse aging.

Aging is a malleable biological process. Scientists have been turning the knobs of aging to extend healthy lifespans of model organisms since the 90s.

Today, a growing number of biotechnology startups are developing therapies that target biological aging. Some of these therapies are in clinical trials as we speak.

Longevity biotechnology represents the biggest transformative change and investing opportunity in the history of humanity. Rejuvenation is the future of medicine.

Billionaire Jim Mellon calls it a “money fountain”. Legendary capital allocators like Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Vinod Khosla, and Marc Andreessen are already invested in anti-aging biotechnology companies.

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-Nathan Cheng

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March 3, 2021: I started the Longevity Marketcap newsletter in July 2020, originally for myself as a way to learn about longevity biotech and the underlying science. Now that the newsletter has grown to nearly 1000 subscribers, doubling every 7 weeks, I realize how important it is to use this platform as a way to attract more people to build, fund, or champion longevity. The newsletter will always be free and I have exciting plans for more content expansion in the future.

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About the author

My mission: To grow a wave of passionate people building, funding, and championing technologies that extend health human lifespan.

Nathan Cheng is an entrepreneur, longevity biotechnology advocate, and investor based in Toronto, Canada.

In 2012, he was in the middle of completing a Ph.D in physics (Quantum Optics) at the University of Toronto but dropped out due to an existential meltdown. After several years of wandering as a digital nomad backpacker he discovered the works of Aubrey de Grey and the longevity movement, which would eventually become his sole mission in life.


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