Alert: Longevity Events Coming Up Tomorrow and This Week!

Clubhouse chats. Longevity Startup School. Deep Aging Clocks Webinar.

Hi Everyone. I just wanted to quickly share some exciting longevity events coming up tomorrow and this week (ordered by my subjective interestingness-score, not chronological):

  1. Thursday Feb 4th, 1:00PM PST / 4:00PM EST: Longevity Biotech Chat on Clubhouse. Bolek Kerous (VC @ and I are hosting a casual longevity biotech chat on the Clubhouse app every week. Our inaugural chat last week was an incredible success with several VCs, longevity biotech founders, longevity MDs, researchers, and enthusiasts stopping by for a 4.5 hour (!) conversation. We will try and keep it shorter this time. All are welcome to join!

  2. Sunday Feb 7th, 2:00PM PST / 5:00PM EST: Laura Deming (The Longevity Fund) and Celine Halioua (Loyal) Longevity Startup School on Clubhouse. Interested in starting a company in the longevity industry? Don’t miss out on this talk from the perspective of both an investor and company builder (Laura) and a founder (Celine).

  3. Thursday Feb 4th, 7:00PM Singapore time / 6:00AM EST, (zoom): Deep Aging Clocks Webinar with Alex Zhavoronkov and Brian Kennedy. Register in advance. Part of a monthly series of talks. A robust biomarker of aging will be a game changer for the hunt for longevity therapeutics. And who better to discuss it than Insilico Medicine founder Alex Zhavoronkov?

  4. Thursday Feb 4th, 9:00AM PST / 12:00PM EST: Private Investing Trends 2021 w/ Kinglsey Advani on Clubhouse: Kingsley Advani is an early crypto adopter and investor in longevity startups (Oisin, Juvenescence, Turn Bio, etc). Not strictly a longevity focussed event but it will be a major topic.

PS: The LMC newsletter is still coming — don’t worry — but it is taking me longer than I expected because I am an idiot who likes to bite off more than I can chew. I needed to alert you all about the exciting longevity events above now just in case I don’t finish the newsletter in time.

PPS: If you need a Clubhouse invite (iOS only) send me proof of a new donation to SENS Research Foundation and I can hook you up. (Till supplies last, I only have 3 extra invites.)